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The various other day, I roamed around Trader Joe’s with a pal of mine and also we wound up locating their maple oat milk. Of training course, it was rather high in carbohydrates and also absolutely not keto-friendly, however it obtained me assuming, and also influenced me to attempt to make a maple-flavored vegan keto coffee creamer. After attempting a couple of various nut milk bases, this vegan keto maple walnut milk was the champion.

This is a very basic dish that just needs a couple of active ingredients and also takes essentially no time at all to make. That being claimed, since the active ingredients are so marginal, it is necessary to make certain the ones you pick are excellent quality and also saved effectively to keep quality. This is specifically crucial with nuts that are high in oils like walnuts. I have actually made the blunder of purchasing low-cost walnuts before to utilize in a comparable dish ( my vegan keto eggnog, really!) and also they tasted so rancid, there was no waiting and also I needed to throw the entire set and also get brand-new walnuts. Lesson discovered. Along those lines, I likewise advise saving nuts in a trendy, dark location. If you have area in your refrigerator, this is suitable, however as lengthy as your kitchen remains rather amazing, the nuts ought to be great.

Similarly, since a lot of the taste in this dish originates from the sugar-free syrup, you will certainly intend to pick an excellent quality one. My outright favored keto-friendly syrup is fromLakanto This has actually been my go-to for many years. It is the only sugar-free syrup that I have actually attempted that has not distressed my tummy (many are made with gross sugar that can kick you out of ketosis and also create some extreme gastrointestinal pain). The taste is likewise amazing! You can likewise conserve 20% on your order with the code MeatFreeKeto, and also assist sustain the website while conserving cash– win, win!.

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Notes on Making Vegan Keto Maple Walnut Milk

  • Like I discussed above, the syrup I utilize below is from Lakanto and also you can conserve 20% with the code MeatFreeKeto com!
  • A little splitting up is completely typical. Just shock the milk prior to making use of. This shops for a week in the refrigerator (though I constantly consume my own well prior to we struck that mark!).
  • I constantly stress my milk with a nut milk bag to eliminate items of the skin and also any kind of big pieces. It’s not completely essential, however absolutely considerably enhances the appearance!
  • The density of this walnut milk is around that of almond milk, however you can make it added velvety by increasing the quantity of walnuts made use of. Just bear in mind that this will essentially increase the calories and also carbohydrates per working as well.
  • If you can not consume (or do not such as) walnuts, you can replace them for an equivalent action of any one of the following: pecans, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, cashews or almonds. Just bear in mind that cashews are a little bit greater in carbohydrates which hazeluts and also almonds are a little tougher, so a lot more saturating and also mixing will certainly be essential!
  • While I make every effort to offer exact nourishment info, various brand names and also selections of active ingredients will certainly have varying dietary worths. So, your estimations might differ a little.

VeganKeto Maple Walnut Milk

Vegan Keto Maple Walnut Milk

A scrumptious fall-flavored drink that sets magnificently with coffee, tea and also also some low-carb granola!


  • 1/4 mug (30 g) raw walnuts
  • 2 mugs (480 ml) water, plus a little bit a lot more for saturating
  • 1-2 tablespoon sugar free syrup (I utilize 2 if I’m making this to place in tea or coffee and also 1 if I’m utilizing it to put over granola or grain)
  • pinch of salt (optional)


  1. Place the walnuts in a little dish, cover with water and also saturate over night OR take in boiling water for 30 mins.
  2. Drain the walnuts and also contribute to a blender or food processor with the 2 mugs (480 ml) water.
  3. Blend up until smooth.
  4. Strain making use of a nut milk bag to eliminate any kind of staying pieces or littles skin.
  5. Transfer to a container with a cover that secures securely. Add in the sugar-free syrup and also salt and also tremble to incorporate.
  6. Store for approximately a week in the fridge


The offering dimension is based upon the quantity that I typically utilize for a mug of coffee or tea. &#x 1f642;-LRB- *********)


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