Sugar Free Strawberry Jam [Low Carb & Keto]

All you require is 3 active ingredients plus water to make this sugar free strawberry jam. We’re providing this set 5 celebrities when it involves taste, benefit as well as time performance without a doubt. Pop your jelly right into containers as well as wait for later on!

sugar free strawberry jam pouring from the knife

Traditional jams contain sugar, yet given that we can not have that on keto we’re gon na reveal you just how to make a straightforward sugar free strawberry jam.

Fall is ideal nearby as well as I do not learn about you people, yet there is something concerning a excellent jam dish that makes me seem like a youngster once again. I do not recognize a single person that has actually never ever attempted peanut butter as well as jelly sandwich in their youth, it was my outright preferred!

This sugar free dish for strawberry jam is an outstanding choice for ketogenics, those on a reduced carb diet plan and even for diabetics. No sugar required!

We love utilizing it in the early morning with our Keto Protein Pancakes or smear it on reduced carb, keto bread. Honestly it does last concerning 2 weeks if you maintain it in the refrigerator, yet it’s so excellent it typically will not also last that long. I do not bear in mind the last time it took us greater than 3 days to consume all of it.

IsSugar Free Jam Keto Friendly?

Depending on what you make it with. Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries as well as blackberries have significantly much less sugar than various other fruit. They’re additionally high in fiber as well as if you do the mathematics, whatever food has a greater fiber material additionally has a reduced web carb material.

Rule of thumb? More fiber, much less web carbohydrates.

Because we’re not utilizing genuine sugar below, this dish benefits those that get on keto or any kind of various other reduced carb diet plan. You’ll still obtain an extremely comparable preference without the unneeded ingredients as well as substantially lower insulin spikes triggered by sugar in a routine, typical jam.

Regular jam is typically loaded with high fructose corn syrup, pectin as well as lots of sugar. We had a look at one of one of the most prominent strawberry jams available as well as per offering (1 tbsp) they consist of 9 g sugar That’s a whole lot! And unworthy the guilty satisfaction.

To placed it right into point of view, you can place about 15 grams of jam in a tbsp. If 9 grams out of that is sugarcoated, that implies 60% of the jam you enter the shop is comprised of sugar This is why making your very own reduced sugar jam utilizing a keto sugar is the only method to go.

sugar free strawberry jam for keto

HowCan I Use Sugar Free Strawberry Jam?

If you’re not one of those individuals that suches as to consume it right out of the container (do not evaluate me), there are lots of dishes you can make use of jam with.

  • Smear it over reduced carb pancakes for morning meal or as a treat
  • OurKeto Crepes are seriously * suggested * for this jelly. Whip up some lotion, placed berries on the top as well as you’re prepared
  • Add it to Greek yogurt as well as ketogenic grain dishes
  • Use it in our Keto Thumbprint Cookies
  • Pour a tbsp or more over reduced carb gelato
  • Add it in cooking or utilize it whenever you’re making reduced carb cheesecakes

HowDo I Make Sugar Free Jam?

It’s an actually, actually basic dish! All you require are strawberries, water, jelly as well as a keto sugar.

Prepare your active ingredients as well as devices

ingrediends for making sugar free strawberry jam

To make this sugar free strawberry jam dish you will certainly require:

  • 2 pounds fresh strawberries
  • 3/4 mug Swerve sugar
  • 1 tablespoon jelly
  • 1 1/2 mugs water
  • 1/4 mug warm water (do not give steam)

Also, prepare these cooking area devices:

  • A tool sized pot
  • Potato masher
  • Two mugs
  • Glass containers

Prepare strawberries

cutting strawberries into quarters for jam

Wash strawberries completely as well as get the stems. You can merely suffice or hull it utilizing the straw approach.

Then, reduced them up right into quarters.

Bring to a boil

adding sweetener and water to the strawberries

Place quartered strawberries, 1 mug of area temperature level water as well as Swerve sugar to the pot. Bring to a boil as well as simmer rapidly till strawberries have actually completely damaged down as well as begin launching fruit juice

Then, wait till a lot of the fluid evaporates as well as your combination will certainly begin to normally enlarge up a little bit.

Use a potato masher

boiling strawberry jam in the pot with spatula

To break strawberries apart after you have actually currently prepared them for time, make use of a potato masher It’s a lot less complicated than utilizing a spoon or spatula given that it will certainly conserve you prep time.

If you’re utilizing icy strawberries, you can most likely lower chef time by a couple of mins given that they are currently mushy as soon as thawed. Remove from warm as soon as done.

Bloom jelly

blooming gelatin with the whisk

Sprinkle jelly granules over a mug or a little recipe loaded with 1/4 mug of warm water. Make certain you are not utilizing boiling water Leave it for a couple of mins to flower.

Return to range

strawberry fruit juice with gelatin

Return your sugar free strawberry jam to the range as well as include flowered jelly with the staying 1/2 mug of water. Simmer for concerning 2 mins till it enlarges approximately a jam-like uniformity.

Transfer to a glass container

strawberry jam in a glass jar close up

Transfer warm jam to containers. Be cautious not to shed on your own! Wait for it to cool as well as location in the refrigerator Store it for approximately 2 weeks.


Although this dish just has a couple of active ingredients, if you do not follow our pointers properly you might wind up with a clumpy or drippy jam. To stay clear of making any one of these blunders, look into these frequently asked concerns.

Can I make use of icy strawberries?

We utilized fresh strawberries since that’s what we carried hand. You certainly can make use of icy strawberries yet the food preparation procedure would certainly be a little various.

In this dish we included water with the fresh strawberries, yet when it involves icy ones we would certainly advise you include fifty percent of a mug rather than an entire mug since they consist of a lot more water inside.

Can I make use of a various reduced carb sugar?

In this dish, we utilizedSwerve You can utilize it as a 1:1 substitute for sugar. It includes erythritol, oligosaccharides as well as all-natural tastes as well as it’s a fantastic substitute for sugar generally. It additionally does not have any kind of calories.

We do not actually advise utilizing various other sugar substitutes given that we have not attempted them in food preparation as well as these can be challenging on it’s very own.

When it involves pure erythritol, if you make use of excessive you will certainly obtain an aftertaste as well as absolutely nothing will certainly eliminate it. Ever seemed like you place excessive erythritol in something as well as it tasted like winterfresh nevertheless? Yep, that sensation.

Stevia is typically an excellent alternative too, yet it additionally has an odd preference when it involves jams. We have actually attempted it prior to as well as were not as well pleased with the end result.

I would certainly resist on Splenda too given that their initial solution is mainly comprised of sucralose as well as although that’s not pure sugar, it will certainly influence your blood glucose degrees as well as surge your insulin.

Does this sugar free strawberry jam require water bathroom canning?

Nope! This sugar free strawberry jam is suggested to be consumed within 2 weeks tops. If you enter into the procedure of water bathroom canning, these foods typically last for a couple of months till they are opened up.

If you do attempt it, allow us recognize in the remarks what dish treatment did you alter as well as just how it helped you. We wonder to recognize!

keto nosugar added strawberry jam in a glass jar

How can I enlarge jam without sugar or pectin?

If you prepare fruit as well as simmer it on reduced for a very long time, it will certainly generate a sauce-like uniformity yet it’s mosting likely to be away from what jam is meant to be like.

Instead of pectin as well as sugar (which functions as a chemical in normal jams), we utilized jelly In contrast to jelly, which is comprised of collagen, pectin is mainly comprised of carbohydrates.

Is jelly healthy and balanced?

Absolutely! Have you ever before made bone brew as well as recognize it becomes a jelly like compound the following day? That’s jelly. It’s fantastic for your ligaments, tendons as well as skin.

Gelatin is made by food preparation collagen as well as it’s practically totally comprised of healthy protein

You can get unflavored jelly in any kind of grocery store, in either granulated or “sheet” type. We utilized granules below given that it’s one of the most usual one.

How do I make use of jelly?

For this sugar free strawberry jam dish, all you require to do is blend jelly granules with warm water. Then, placed it away for a couple of mins to allow jelly take in water, which will certainly later on aid the strawberry jam to generate that jam-like gelatinlike uniformity we intend to.

Remember to blend it with warm water as well as do not make use of boiling water. Otherwise, it will certainly establish as well rapidly as well as come to be clumpy. That’s certainly not something we desire.

How long will my sugar free strawberry jam last?

If kept in the refrigerator, it will certainly last approximately 2 weeks. In order to raise storage space life you can additionally include a tsp of lemon juice throughout food preparation.

This will certainly not just raise service life yet additionally offer your sugar free strawberry jam far better uniformity given that the acid in lemon will assist with the gelling procedure

LetUs Know in the Comments!

Thanks a lot for analysis as well as please allow me recognize if you liked it equally as long as we carried out in the remarks! It’s among our homemade, staple dishes specifically for weekend breaks as well as morning meals so I make certain you’ll appreciate it equally as long as we do.

low carb strawberry jam recipe
low carb sugar free strawberry jam for keto diet

KetoFriendly Sugar Free Strawberry Jam Recipe

Use just 3 active ingredients to make this strawberry jam dish for your morning meals (as well as not just!)


  • Combine the strawberries, 1 mug of water, as well as sugar.

  • Bring to a simmer as well as chef till the strawberries have actually completely damaged down. Assist by mashing while it chefs.

  • While the berries prepare include the jelly to the 1/4 mug of warm water to blossom.

  • When the strawberries have actually prepared down eliminate from the warm. Add in the staying 1/2 mug of water as well as flowered jelly.

  • Return to the range as well as simmer for 2 mins. Pour the prepared jam right into glass containers as well as delegate cool down.

  • Will last in the refrigerator for concerning 2 weeks.


In order to raise storage space life, you can additionally include a tsp of lemon juice throughout food preparation.


KetoFriendly Sugar Free Strawberry Jam Recipe

AmountPer Serving

Calories from Fat 9

% Daily Value *

Fat 1g 2%

SaturatedFat 1g 5%

PolyunsaturatedFat 1g

MonounsaturatedFat 1g

Sodium11 mg 0%

Potassium347 mg10%

Carbohydrates52 g17%

Fiber 5g20%

Sugar11 g12%

Protein 3g 6%

Vitamin A27 IU 1%

Vitamin C133 mg161%

Calcium40 mg 4%

Iron 1mg 6%

* Percent Daily Values are based upon a 2000 calorie diet plan.

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