No Bake Keto Peanut Butter Balls Recipe

Is pleasing your craving for sweets on keto feasible? Yes, it is! These keto peanut butter balls are healthy and balanced, load an excellent quantity of healthy protein and also you wager they will not kick you out of ketosis! Definitely a keto pleasant reward for all the peanut butter fans available– including me, undeniably.

chocolate peanut butter balls on the baking sheet

Ever come across the term “keto fat bomb”? Well, these keto peanut butter healthy protein balls are specifically that! You obtain great deals of fat and also healthy protein in a little reduced carbohydrate bite with some delicious chocolate peanut butter taste. No require to compromise your everyday internet carbohydrate allocation either– these are reduced in carbohydrates and also are completely certified with the ketogenic diet plan.

NoBake Keto Peanut Butter Balls

This is most likely the very best point when it concerns simple keto dishes– no cooking! A great deal of keto treat dishes ask for making use of the stove which can go South extremely promptly. If you’re not accustomed to making use of various reduced carbohydrate flours or simply not a cooking individual, you can wind up with a catastrophe which has actually taken place to me a lot of times.

No bothers with that with our keto power balls recipe– there’s no cooking included I do not learn about you yet I delve into making points I do not require to bake actually fast since they’re simple to make and also there’s no trouble included. Plus, that suches as to tidy cooking trays? Not me!


All you will certainly require is 5 straightforward components to make these keto peanut butter balls. I suggest having every one of them in your cupboard in any way times– you can utilize them for a lot of various other keto and also reduced carbohydrate dishes.

If you wish to flavor points up, you can include peanut butter powder, a keto pleasant powdered sugar and also also your flavor of selection, such as vanilla remove. However, to make this recipe as reduced carbohydrate and also as simple as feasible, we chose to leave them out.

ingredients for making keto peanut butter balls
  1. Coconut flour: among both most prominent reduced carbohydrate flours, in this peanut butter balls recipe we utilize it as a binder to hold the peanut butter blend with each other. We’re making use of the coconut kind below as opposed to almond flour since it’s a lot more absorbing and also we just require a little.
  2. Maple syrup(sugar cost-free): if you can not locate it at your regional food store, you can undoubtedly locate it onAmazon Look for the one that has no sugars included and also is reduced in web carbohydrates. In this recipe we utilized it to include a little the baked and also chicory taste to our keto peanut butter balls.
  3. Peanut butter (all-natural and also sugar cost-free): did you recognize that peanut butter is abundant in healthy protein and also magnesium? It’s likewise keto and also reduced carbohydrate! It’s certainly a base for our no bake peanut butter balls, yet see to it you look for one of the most all-natural and also sugar cost-free alternative you can locate.
  4. Chocolate chips (sugar cost-free): these will certainly provide these keto peanut butter balls a scrumptious chocolate finish and also hold them with each other. Search for delicious chocolate that is sugar cost-free, ideally a keto and also reduced carbohydrate pleasant one. If it isn’t marketed therefore and also you do not wish to purchase it from Amazon, select the dark delicious chocolate kind with the highest possible quantity of chocolate.
  5. Coconut oil: in this recipe we’re making use of coconut oil to water down the delicious chocolate finish a little bit and also make it simpler to dip the peanut butter healthy protein balls in. If you do not have it in your cupboard, I recommend you head out and also purchase it since it is among the healthiest ketogenic must-haves. Make certain to have a look at overview on the very best MCT oil for keto.

How to Make Keto Peanut Butter Balls?

While this is among our simplest keto dishes, I simply intended to provide you some beneficial ideas while you’re making these. You can likewise scroll down for a complete detailed overview with all the information you require.

Useful ideas

  • Use a spoon or scoop to maintain peanut butter balls regular in dimension
  • Make certain you ice up the balls prior to you dip them right into delicious chocolate
  • Use a fork as opposed to a toothpick to dip– or else you’ll wind up with a little a mess
  • Microwave delicious chocolate and also coconut oil or utilize a dual central heating boiler to thaw it
  • If the peanut butter balls are shedding form, include even more coconut flour

Step 1: Combine components

In a big dish, mix with each other sugar cost-free peanut butter, sugar cost-free syrup and also coconut flour. You can utilize powdered sugar and also vanilla remove below for additional taste and also sweet taste, yet we chose to miss it. The blend ought to appear like the uniformity of cookie dough

woman adding maple syrup to the peanut butter balls dough

If the dough is also damp or is shedding its form as opposed to appearing like a sphere, include even more coconut flour

Step 2: Form balls

Use your hands to roll the dough right into balls. To see to it they coincide dimension, utilize a spoon or a little gelato inside story Then, kind peanut butter balls up until no dough is left and also put them on a flat pan with formerly lined parchment paper.

formed peanut butter balls on the parchment paper

Step 3: Pop them in the fridge freezer

Place all peanut butter healthy protein balls in the fridge freezer and also cool for 30 mins. Don’ t miss this action!Chilling the balls will certainly make it simpler for you to dip them right into cozy, dissolved delicious chocolate and also at the exact same time maintaining their form regular.

Step 4: Melt delicious chocolate

Melt delicious chocolate contribute a microwave secure dish along with coconut oil. It’s finest you microwave it in 30- 2nd periods and also mix in between to avoid burning. If you do not have a microwave, you can utilize a dual central heating boiler or thaw delicious chocolate extremely thoroughly in a pot over reduced warm.

Step 5: Coat peanut butter balls

Remove keto peanut butter balls from the fridge freezer. Grab a fork and also falter right into the delicious chocolate, transforming them about so they’re layered well on each side. To stay clear of a mess, do not utilize a toothpick and also certainly do not utilize your hands– if the dissolved delicious chocolate is also warm, it might melt you.

peanut butter balls coated with chocolate on the baking sheet

If your delicious chocolate obtains a little bit tight, warm it up a little once more.

Step 6: Finish up finish

Using a fork, grab the peanut butter balls extremely delicately and also rip off any type of additional delicious chocolate on the side of the dish.

Step 7: Freeze once more

Place layered keto peanut butter balls on a parchment paper lined cooking sheet and also freeze up until collection It may take around a hr or 2, yet it’s finest if you leave it in the fridge freezer over night. Then, merely pop them right into your refrigerator for 15 mins if you desire them to be crunchy within. Enjoy!

bitten keto peanut butter ball close up


Thinking of replacing some keto pleasant components? Wondering if you can ice up peanut butter balls for later on? Read these ideas to figure out if it’s feasible! If these concerns do not address your problems, leave a remark listed below and also we’ll be greater than pleased to address.

Is peanut butter keto?

It certain is! Peanut butter is mainly fat and also healthy protein with extremely little carbs. There’s a little catch however– most peanut butters you can locate at your regional food store have sugarcoated (without also discussing it on the tag, certainly).

Look for natural, all-natural peanut butter without included sugar.All peanut butter will certainly have some sort of sugar in it, yet those are all-natural sugars. It’s the included ones we require to look out for.

Good peanut butter ought to run out than 2-3g of web carbohydrates per 1 tbsp.

Where can I locate sugar cost-free delicious chocolate chips?

It’s vital you do not utilize routine delicious chocolate chips for this keto peanut butter balls recipe. Depending on the brand name, routine choco chips have regarding 9 to 12 g of carbs per tbsp. That’s nearly fifty percent of the carbohydrates you can consume within a day!

Instead, usage keto and also reduced carbohydrate pleasant, no sugar delicious chocolate chips. If you can not locate them at your regional food store, attempt larger ones or obtain them onAmazon In contrast to routine delicious chocolate chips, sugar cost-free ones have around 3g of web carbohydrates per tbsp. That’s a significant distinction.

Can I utilize a various nut butter?

If you’re keto yet paleo too, you can switch peanut butter for almond butter or cashew butter. You might require to readjust the coconut flour a little bit by including a bit a lot more or making use of a little much less.

If you wish to make nut-free keto diet plan balls you can switch peanut butter for tahini or sunflower seed butter. We have not attempted this mix and also you might require to experiment with the remainder of the components a little bit, yet it undoubtedly will not be an uphill struggle.

Can I utilize almond flour rather?

In this specific recipe we utilized coconut flour and also we have not try out making use of almond flour rather. Coconut flour is rather absorbing, suggesting it gobbles a great deal of the wetness around it.

If you utilize almond flour rather in the exact same amount as coconut flour, your keto peanut butter balls will most likely shed their form or otherwise hold with each other in any way.

Since we’re refraining any type of cooking below, you can trying out replacing almond flour for coconut flour, yet be conscious that you’ll most likely require to dual and even three-way the quantity

How to save peanut butter balls?

For day-to-day consuming, we suggest you maintain them in the refrigerator Room temperature level might trigger your peanut butter balls to shed form and also come to be also mushy. We likewise discovered that the very best method to consume them is to take them out of the refrigerator and after that wait 10-15 mins up until they come to be a little bit softer inside.

To save them long-term, maintain them in your fridge freezer They can remain there for as much as 2 months.

The vital to their durability is recognizing just how to save them effectively. First, freeze them on a flat pan. Then, location in ziploc bags in smaller sized sets. To thaw, put a bag in the refrigerator over night and also they will certainly prepare by morning meal!

keto peanut butter balls in ceramic dish

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AreYou a Fan of Healthy Keto Snacks?

Let us recognize in the remarks which healthy and balanced keto treats are your preferred! Also, certainly drop us a line if you attempted our recipe. We would certainly like to hear your ideas and also responses!

keto Peanut Butter Balls recipe pinterest
Easy no bake keto Peanut Butter Balls recipe

KetoPeanut Butter Balls Recipe

These keto peanut butter balls are healthy and balanced, load an excellent quantity of healthy protein and also you wager they will not kick you out of ketosis!


  • In a big dish incorporate the peanut butter, syrup, and also coconut flour. It needs to create right into a cookie dough like blend.

  • Roll the dough right into balls, making use of a tbsp to maintain dimension regular. Place balls on a parchment paper lined cooking sheet.

  • Place the balls right into the fridge freezer to cool for 30 mins.

  • Melt the delicious chocolate contribute a microwave secure dish with the coconut oil. Microwave for 30 2nd periods, mixing in-between to avoid burning.

  • Remove the peanut butter balls from the fridge freezer. Using a fork go down the peanut butter sphere right into the delicious chocolate and also relocate around to layer.

  • Gently raise the delicious chocolate layered sphere up on the fork and also touch the fork gently versus the dish to knock of any type of additional delicious chocolate.

  • Place all dipped balls on the parchment paper lined cooking sheet and also freeze up until collection.


If you are making use of extremely drippy peanut butter that isn’t effectively establishing, you can include an additional tbsp of coconut flour to develop framework.


KetoPeanut Butter Balls Recipe

AmountPer Serving

Calories from Fat 162

% Daily Value *

Fat18 g28%

SaturatedFat 8g40%

PolyunsaturatedFat 3g

MonounsaturatedFat 5g

Sodium113 mg 5%

Potassium140 mg 4%

Carbohydrates 7g 2%

Fiber 3g12%

Sugar 4g 4%

Protein 6g12%

Calcium10 mg 1%

Iron 1mg 6%

* Percent Daily Values are based upon a 2000 calorie diet plan.

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