Make Perfect Bacon in an Air Fryer

Bacon is a keto special, yet what happens if we informed you maybe made in 10 mins and also really did not splash around your range? … This air fryer bacon has an incredibly simple clean-up while still being equally as crunchy as the normal stovetop bacon. Yet once again the air fryer will certainly swipe your heart with this dish!

Cooked air fryer bacon on a black plate

Pickingan Air Fryer

The dimension and also kind of air fryer you pick actually depends upon what you intend to finish with it. If you are acquiring an air fryer with household food preparation in mind, it makes good sense to obtain a bigger air fryer. We would certainly advise a 6 qt and also over. For a pair or bachelor 5.8 qt and also listed below ought to suffice.

The round egg or square designed air fryers function best for this dish. If you make use of a toaster design air fryer it might be harder to clean up the within oil that is remaining from the bacon.

IsCooking Bacon in the Air Fryer Safe?

Yes, food preparation bacon in the air fryer is risk-free as long as you take the required preventative measures. Whenever food preparation a food that will certainly produce warm oil it is necessary to prepare and also not allow that oil obtain also warm. We constantly begin by claiming whatever food preparation you do constantly have cooking soft drink by the range or neighboring to put overtop if an oil fire begins. So what should you recognize when food preparation air fryer bacon?

  • Always eliminate the warm oil in in between sets If you intend to prepare numerous sets of bacon at once that’s penalty. However, you should appropriately get rid of the warm oil that is presently in the basket or wait for food preparation usage later on.
  • If you see smoke from the air fryer, open it That might indicate stopping your air fryer initially if it secures, yet make certain the air fryer is opened up and also provided a minute. There can be bacon stuck in the top follower, or you might have way too much oil home heating inside. Fat and also oil oxidizes when warmed, smoke is simply component of the all-natural oxidation procedure. If your air fryer is constantly smoking it might be time to offer it a deep tidy with a towel and also degreaser (WHEN COOLED DOWN).

You can prepare bacon in the air fryer, yet it is very important to make certain you are adhering to security preventative measures when cooking anything oily to stop a fire.

How to Make Air Fryer Bacon

Read our suggestions to discover exactly how to make flawlessly crunchy air fryer bacon every single time.

Ingredients and also Tools

This dish is oh so easy, all you’re mosting likely to require is 2 points! For beginners you’ll require an air fryer for air frying the bacon. We obtained ours off of, yet you can obtain them at the majority of device shops currently.

The just active ingredient this dish needs is bacon. The bacon you make use of is all as much as choice. We utilized uncured normal bacon, yet you can make use of healed thick cut bacon if you favor. Thick cut bacon might take a min or 2 longer in the air fryer than thinner bacon. So if thick cut bacon is your jam, make certain to establish the fryer for an additional 2 mins and also examine it periodically.

Raw bacon on a cutting board


The overall time for this dish is just 13 mins, so what are you awaiting? To start preheat your air fryer basket to 400 F for 3-4 mins. Remove the air fryer basket and also location the bacon in a solitary layer inside. No require for any type of parchment paper right here.

Bacon going into the air fryer

Cook the bacon for 10 mins or for thicker bacon 12-13 If the air fryer is smoking in all while making the dish draw open the basket and also examine there is no bacon in the follower. This smoke is generally triggered by the fat oxidizing, so it is very important you maintain the air fryer tidy. You intend to make certain you are cleaning down the air fryer with paper towels AFTER preparing the bacon. It needs to be awesome while doing so, regarding not melt on your own.

Checking the cooked bacon with tongs

Feel totally free to position prepared bacon theoretically towels to take in oil in in between sets!

Help! My Air Fryer is Smoking

If you intend to prepare bacon in the air fryer, yet see it smoking do not stress. As mentioned over, bacon oil similar to any type of oil will certainly oxidize and also smoke when bacon is prepared. To avoid this you might require to clean down your air fryer when it’s cooled down to maintain it tidy. Don’ t allowed old oil warm and also re warm. You can likewise attempt falling the warm to 350 to stop it from obtaining also warm inside.

MakinBacon … yet Fancy

If you intend to update this dish and also chef bacon that’s a little additional tasty shot our yummy techniques. Use a percentage of brownish sugar erythritol with a pinch of salt sprayed on the bacon prior to food preparation. This candied prepared bacon is a video game changer in the pleasant and also salted globe.

You can likewise attempt a little pleasant sugar totally free BARBEQUE sauce smeared ahead prior to food preparation bacon in the air fryer. If you intend to air fry bacon with additional taste this is absolutely the means to do it!

ThePerfect Bacon Pairing

Everyone recognizes the famous keto duo is bacon and also eggs. With this dish you can have your air fryer bacon and also eggs in under 10 mins! We have a lot of various egg dishes on our blog site for you to check out and also choose your brand-new most likely to:

  • BakedCheesy Eggs– These baked eggs fast to prep and also hands off while cooking. Plus that does not enjoy an excellent gooey cheese draw? …
  • MasalaBaked Indian Eggs– If you desire an even more ethnic dish to enliven your morning meal regimen, attempt our masala eggs. They’re loaded with taste and also set fantastic with several of our keto naan bread.
  • SweetHealthy Omelet– Tired of tasty bacon and also eggs? Check out this tasty pleasant omelet that’s the perfect crepe like morning meal.
  • KetoBreakfast Sandwich– There’s absolutely nothing far better than a bacon, egg, and also cheese morning meal sandwich. Use our air fryer bacon dish to finish this reduced carbohydrate sandwich.

There are lots of reduced carbohydrate and also keto alternatives to make the perfect morning meal dishes utilizing an air fryer. Paired with eggs your morning meal with be filling up and also extremely healthy (1 ).

Bacon curing onto one another freshly cooked inside the air fryer

MoreAir Fryer Recipes

An air fryer is extremely functional and also can be utilized to make various dishes besides simply bacon. It makes cooking simple and also clean-up marginal. Any dishes with great deals of oil will certainly crisp as the oil comes under all-time low basket. Some of our preferred air fryer dishes are:

  • AirFryer Chicken Thighs– Air fry these poultry upper legs and also match them with a delicious Asian polish and also healthy and balanced high fat active ingredients.
  • EasyAir Fryer Cookie– An air fryer isn’t just helpful for foods with a great deal of oil, they are likewise helpful for desserts and also baked items. They make use of distributing air to prepare whatever is inside the basket, nearly like a stove.
  • AirFryer Pork Chops– This dish utilizes the air fryer to produce crunchy “breaded” pork chops. There’s marginal oil, marginal chef time, and also no demand to also unclean a frying pan.
  • EasyAir Fryer Biscuits– Delicious flakey biscuits done in an air fryer basket. They take much less than half the regular preparation and also chef time. Top remaining biscuits with some butter and also you have a perfect morning meal done in 5 mins.

KetoAir Fryer Bacon

Crispy air fried bacon is both tasty and also healthy. If you really did not enjoy cooking bacon prior to due to the mess, we make certain you’ll enjoy it currently. Cook this dish for your entire household to have a scrumptious breakfast today. Trust us, preparing bacon such as this is so simple you’ll intend to begin making it day-to-day.

air fryer bacon pin
Cooked air fryer bacon

AirFryer Bacon

This crunchy bacon is done in mins, making it the perfect simple side to your dish. Breakfast, breakfast, also Brinner (morning meal for supper), can currently be done rapidly and also pleasantly.


  • Preheat your air fryer to 400 ° F

  • Place bacon in a solitary layer in the air fryer basket. Cook for 10 mins

  • Serve cozy and also make additional sets if required.



  • You can pass on the bacon at 7 mins for an additional crunchy structure.
  • If you have thicker bacon chef for an added 1-2 mins.
  • If you pick to do numerous sets you can take 1 min off chef time as the air fryer is currently cozy

NetCarbs: 1


AirFryer Bacon

AmountPer Serving

Calories from Fat 207

% Daily Value *

Fat23 g35%

SaturatedFat 8g40%

Cholesterol37 mg12%

Sodium375 mg16%

Potassium112 mg 3%

Carbohydrates 1g 0%

Protein 7g14%

Vitamin A21 IU 0%

Calcium 3mg 0%

Iron 1mg 6%

* Percent Daily Values are based upon a 2000 calorie diet plan.

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