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Low carb onion rings are just one of the very best treats as well as appetisers around. They are salted, crunchy, as well as ideal for dipping in your favored homemade sauces.

onion rings dipped in ketchup

Tips for Making the Best Keto Onion Rings

Are you attempting to make the very best keto onion rings out there? We have actually obtained you covered with all the very best suggestions as well as methods for this onion ring dish. It’s so excellent, you will not also think this dish is lawful for a low carb diet plan after attempting it!

TheKey To Perfectly Coated Low Carb Onion Rings

I recognized prior to I also began breading the onion that if I wished to obtain them as completely covered as the ones I matured consuming, I required to alter the strategy. That is why for this dish we constantly suggest dual layer.

Start by digging up the sliced up onion rings in coconut flour to dry them out, and after that drop them right into the eggs. Once layered in eggs you can cover them in the pork skin layer.

Now it’s time for the notorious dual layer. Dip the rings back right into the egg combination as well as bread them again.

Make certain you do not exclude the parmesan in the pork skin combination either since that is mosting likely to thaw a little bit in the stove to aid the combination stick.

Getting the Crispiest Onion Rings

Keto onion rings are a little various from normal onion ring ranges due to the fact that a lot of times they will certainly make use of a almond flour combination or smashed pork peels. This kind of layer will certainly obtain soggier simple so it is essential you prepare them properly.

To obtain the crispiest onion rings we suggest deep-frying. It crisps the parmesan cheese that remains in the pork peels combination as well as actually assists whatever stick. The following concern most individuals have due to that, is whether they can make use of the air fryer.

The air fryer is a choice, yet can prepare points a little bit inconsistently. If you are mosting likely to make use of the air fryer we suggest establishing the air fryer temperature level to 380 as well as examining them every 5 mins till they are prepared. It normally takes 8-14 mins. They will not obtain very brownish airborne fryer so we suggest providing a light spray of avocado oil or olive oil to aid them dim.

TheFiner the Better

When it involves your completely dry combination, the finer the much better. Really crush or mix up the pork peels in a food processer. It will certainly create much better keto onion rings due to the fact that it will certainly stick around for an also layer.

AvoidingSoggy Onion Rings

Sometimes the pork skin parmesan layer will certainly obtain soaked being dipped right into the eggs a 2nd time. If this occurs you’ll wish to either recycle them or make a brand-new set. If the pork peels are soaked they will not adhere to the onion!

You can likewise attempt dropping them back right into the pork skin combination as well as loading the completely dry combination right into the rings as well as if it sticks as well as dries out back out you’re excellent to go!

AreOnions Keto?

We response that concern detailed in our latest message everything about onions on keto, yet the brief response is indeed, in small amounts. The carbohydrates can accumulate swiftly so you might wish to gauge just how much you are making use of.

However, 3 or 4 onion rings certainly will not damage your keto diet plan, onions themselves are very healthy and balanced! Onions are understood for their phytochemicals like disulfides as well as trisulfides which are valuable many thanks to their antimicrobial homes.

Can I make use of Almond Flour

We especially like pork peels due to the fact that they are fattier as well as crisp well in the stove as well as deep fryer. They also do a little much better airborne fryer than with almond flour.

That isn’t to state you could not make use of almond flour, it’s simply to state we do not suggest it due to the fact that it will not crisp the exact same. Our pork skin keto onion rings dish has actually been improved so why tinker the dish that will certainly create the crispiest keto onion rings feasible!

keto friendly onion rings served with ketchup

How to Make This Keto Onion Ring Recipe

This keto onion rings dish is one you’ll be making time as well as time once more. Who can state no to crispy onion rings that are gold brownish as well as jam-packed with taste?

Ingredients to Make Perfectly Crispy Onion Rings

There’s no refuting deep-fried foods make the ideal low carb appetiser. They prepare equally, they’re completely oily, as well as also handle to make us enjoy something as easy as onions.

If you have actually considered making onion rings, currently’s the moment. They are simple to work up, as well as preference much like normal onion rings many thanks to our gluten cost-free keto breading mix.

To make these onion rings you will certainly require thick pieces of white onion (you can make use of vidalia onions as well), coconut flour, defeated egg, whipping cream, pork peels, as well as grated parmesan cheese.

Trust us when you make keto onion rings you are mosting likely to find out why we enjoy onion rings a lot!

MakingKeto Onion Rings

These onion rings are ideal for a low carb diet plan due to the fact that they are loaded with fat which will certainly maintain you complete for hrs.

Begin by cutting the onions size sensible right into fifty percent inch thick rings.

Then different the rings as well as get rid of any type of within rings that you will not be making use of, what components to make use of depends on you!

Prepare 3 bowls. The initial superficial dish need to have the coconut flour, the 2nd need to have your egg laundry, as well as the last dish needs to have the pork skin combination.

Start by dipping the onion rings right into the coconut flour, after that the egg, next the pork peels, and after that return to the eggs to dip one last time prior to providing it the last breading in the pork skin combination. This procedure is referred to as a dual breading for supreme crispiness.

Now it’s time to cook. Place the onion rings onto a greased cooking shelf as well as location right into a 425 level stove for 15 mins.

If you are mosting likely to be placing onion rings in the air fryer, cook your onion rings at 380 for 8-14 mins. The onion rings need to be crunchy outside as well as tender on the within. They could not brownish a lot, yet they will certainly still be crunchy. You can spray them with a little food preparation spray prior to air frying if you desire the onion pieces to look a little browner.

We likewise enjoy these deep fried due to the fact that they obtain crunchy much like breadcrumbs or wheat flour. It takes a little bit even more job, yet the warm oil actually crisps all the onion calls completely.

StoringKeto Onion Rings

Similar to most various other keto dishes this onion rings dish shops well in a tupperware container. If you keep remaining onion rings in a closed container they will not remain crunchy, yet that’s when you can utilize your air fryer to reheat.

ReheatingKeto Onion Rings

To reheat your onion rings pre-heat the stove to 350 as well as cook till re crisped as well as cozy 8-12 mins.

For the air fryer spray the basket with some light olive oil spray as well as location your onion rings inside, make certain they aren’t piled airborne fryer basket. Air fry for 4-6 mins at 350, or till they have re crisped.

What to Dip Onion Rings in

We do not usually simply consume onions, so it’s easy to understand if you’re unsure what to consume with these delicious attacks. Some of our favored dipping sauces are:

  • RanchDressing– While not very typical, cattle ranch is really a fantastic pairing to onion rings due to the fact that the fresh natural herbs enhance fried foods.
  • SourCream as well as Onion Dip– Looking for a little additional onion taste? This velvety as well as rejuvenating French onion dip is a fantastic alternative.
  • Ketchup– Known for being the very best bud to poultry tenders, low carb catsup is likewise great with these keto onion rings.

These are simply a couple of simple keto dishes for dipping sauces. If you aren’t a large sauce individual you can likewise simply couple the onion rings with a hamburger or some poultry fingers.

KetoOnion Rings are the Perfect Snack

Although I might consume onion rings throughout the day daily as a dish of their very own, I assume they are the ideal pairing to any type of hamburger.

French french fries, also when prepared airborne fryer do not have a great deal of nourishment. That’s why you need to make these tasty onion rings that are really healthy and balanced as well as keto pleasant.

If you missed out on onion rings as high as I did, or if you simply enjoy finger foods, you require to attempt these! Make them for an event, football video game, or for household supper. We guarantee they will not dissatisfy!

Low Carb Onion Rings Recipe
homemade crunchy fried onion rings

LowCarb Onion Rings

These low carb onion rings have a fantastic problem as well as structure as well as are ideal for events!


  • Slice onion size sensible in fifty percent inch thick rings.

  • Break apart rings as well as reserved all the within items you will not be making use of.

  • Use 3 various bowls to make a coconut flour, egg laundry as well as hefty light whipping cream, as well as pork skin parmesan layer terminals.

  • Starting with coconut flour experience all the actions of layer as well as position on cooking shelf as envisioned over.

  • Once all onions are layered, dual back as well as recoat them beginning with the egg laundry.

  • SUGGESTION: recycle or reprise the pork skin parmesan layer if it starts soggy/clumpy.

  • Places dual layered rings back on greased cooking shelf as well as location in 425 level stove for 15 mins.

  • Serve cozy as well as appreciate!


LowCarb Onion Rings

AmountPer Serving

Calories from Fat 113

% Daily Value *

Fat12.5 g19%

Carbohydrates 7.5 g 3%

Fiber 3g12%

Protein16 g32%

* Percent Daily Values are based upon a 2000 calorie diet plan.

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