Baked Keto Chicken Tenders – Just 2g Carbs!

Chicken tenders aren’t just for youngsters. Enjoy our scrumptious keto chicken tenders in all their juicy meat and also crunchy breaded splendor.

baked keto chicken tenders coming out of the oven on a baking sheet

AreChicken Tenders Keto?

Traditional chicken tenders or chicken strips are NOT keto. Low carbohydrate keto dishes are preferably listed below 10 web carbohydrates an offering. Most chicken strips you access dining establishments have 10 carbohydrates a tender.

While it does rely on just how much breading they utilize, the majority of firms are utilizing a thick batter prior to frying to obtain it additional crisp.

ChickenTenders are additionally made with wheat flour or white flour which contains gluten hence making the tenders not keto pleasant.

Can I Eat Gluten Free Chicken Tenders on Keto?

While normal flour for certain makes chicken strips not available on keto, so does some gluten complimentary flour variants.

If it is a gluten complimentary flour based upon starches like rice, pudding, cassava, or corn it is not keto accepted. These low-cost bulking flours are carbohydrate hefty and also typically have the very same quantity of carbohydrates as normal flour, just with no included fiber.

Our keto chicken tenders nonetheless are an additional tale. We utilize excellent quality active ingredients like almond flour as the breading to maintain the web carbohydrates down and also the fiber high.

This means you can consume great deals of chicken tenders 100% regret complimentary, understanding all the healthy protein and also fat will certainly assist maintain you complete for hrs.

AreTysons Chicken Tenders Keto?

Again this differs based upon the tenders you get. Costco for instance markets 2 variants, one breaded and also one just barbequed.

The breaded chicken tenders dish would certainly not be keto, however the barbequed keto chicken strips would certainly be reduced carbohydrate accepted.

Their barbequed chicken dishes typically have in between 1- 4 grams of carbohydrates due to the fact that they utilize a little fillers and also a great deal of delicious flavors.

Baked vs. Fried Keto Chicken Tenders

A concern that we obtain a great deal regarding keto chicken strips is whether they should be baked or fried? Like most reduced carbohydrate dishes it is actually approximately the cook just how they intend to prepare the end product.

FriedChicken Tenders

It is necessary to understand various food preparation techniques will certainly not generate the very same outcomes. Frying in a great deal of oil has a tendency to make a crispier batter, however it additionally indicates you’ll be producing excess calories you might have stayed clear of by cooking.

The various other disadvantage to frying is that it’s rather untidy, however once again the benefit is very scrumptious and also very tasty chicken tenders that taste like the genuine point.

BakedKeto Chicken Tenders

Like we stated over frying can be untidy and also calorie thick which is why we generally cook our chicken tenders. The dish itself is made with cooking instructions not frying instructions due to the fact that we discover it less complicated.

The structure is various when baked though due to the fact that air can not totally stream around the reduced carbohydrate chicken tenders to provide an also cook. This is why it is very crucial to leave a lot of area in between each tender on a cookie sheet to avoid congestion.

While the stove baked tenders could not be as crunchy as deep-fried chicken, they are still very scrumptious!

Can I Cook Chicken Tenders in the Air Fryer?

This is an additional concern we understand we are going to obtain asked. In the age of the air fryer everybody is cooking every little thing, from icy pizza to cup cakes and also cookies. So why would not you intend to make chicken tenders keto airborne fryer?

We assume the air fryer is an excellent choice for those that do not intend to activate the stove, however additionally do not intend to take care of warm oil.

The structure will certainly wind up at a phase in between stove and also fryer where it is crunchy, however much less gold than warm oil. Our typical reduced carbohydrate keto chicken tenders temperature level for food preparation is 400 for 8-12 mins. Check with a meat thermostat to guarantee it has actually gotten to 165 levels prior to eliminating chicken from the basket.

Can I utilize Coconut Flour Instead of Almond Flour?

Where are our nut complimentary kiddos !? It can be very aggravating when most keto dishes utilize nut based flours rather than coconut flour. However, while it might appear simple to just switch out the almond for coconut flour, it isn’t advised.

Coconut flour is reduced in web carbohydrates many thanks to all the fiber, however has a tendency to be a great deal drier in reduced carbohydrate dishes. This can suggest the flour will certainly draw out all the chicken’s wetness, and also make it a discomfort to appreciate a solitary chicken tender without requiring a beast glass of water.

If you can not have nuts, we rather suggest attempting smashed pork peels instead of almond flour. Simply mix up a bag of pork peels and afterwards utilize them as your brand-new nut complimentary breading.

Pork peels are 0 web carbohydrates, high fat, and also taste additional great when blended with a little parmesan cheese.

How to Reheat Keto Chicken Tenders

Did you load a cooking sheet with baked chicken tenders and also currently have way too many left on your own? Have no concern, our keto chicken strips save wonderful in the refrigerator for approximately a week and also reheat also much better.

To reheat the chicken tenders put them back onto a flat pan and also warmth in a 350 level stove up until crunchy, typically (4- 8 mins).

For an also much faster reheat pop them right into the air fryer at 400 levels for 3- 6 mins, and also voila a simple keto chicken tender treat.

FreezingLow Carb Chicken Tenders

Once once again these keto chicken tenders save wonderfully in both the refrigerator, and also fridge freezer. To prepare the chicken tenders for cold cook the entire dish, and afterwards enable the chicken tenders dish to totally cool down.

Place the cooled down keto chicken tenders right into a zip leading fridge freezer bag and also freeze existing level to make certain none of the tenders stick.

To reheat: Set the stove to 375 and also cook for 10-15 mins, or up until the chicken tenders have baked and also re- crisped.

What to Serve With Keto Chicken Tenders

Chicken tenders are an excellent main course loaded with healthy protein, fat, and also fiber; however in some cases creating a square meal can look like a challenging job. Thankfully these chicken tenders select almost anything, the breading aiding them to come to be an open canvas for several sides.

Some of our preferred sides are:

  • CauliflowerHash Browns– While this is usually a morning meal side recipe, we like having it with supper too. These go wonderful with chicken tenders if you’re searching for a supper loaded with finger foods.
  • KetoFriendly Caesar Salad– Looking for something lighter? Our keto Caesar salad is an excellent light starter with a little veg and also a great deal of fat to sustain the high healthy protein chicken dish in advance.
  • KetoBread– Nothing defeats an excellent piece of homemade bread. Recreate that sensation in an extra health and wellness aware way utilizing our keto bread dish.
  • KetoMac and also Cheese– This lacks a question our preferred keto side recipe on our blog site. It incorporates the creaminess of cheese with a crispy baked covering. The entire family members will like it.

Don’ t obtain hung up on the reality these are chicken tenders. Who stated you can not have elegant sides with your chicken strips? Have some enjoyable and also make an expensive side from our website with at all times you conserved having your primary dish be chicken tenders.

Tips to Make the Best Keto Chicken Tenders

Need assistance refining your keto chicken tenders? Don’ t fret, we have actually obtained you with all our ideal chicken food preparation suggestions and also techniques.

To make the most effective reduced carbohydrate chicken strips:

  • Always utilize a damp hand and also a completely dry hand— Not just will this make the breading procedure smoother (also known as no breaded hands), however it will certainly additionally enable the reduced carbohydrate finish to stick even more equally for a better bake.
  • Add a little cheese— This isn’t in the dish itself as it’s not typical for keto chicken tenders, however including a little parmesan cheese will certainly bring this dish up a notch. Parmesan cheese will certainly include a little additional salt and also crispiness when it cooks.
  • Don’ t overbake the chicken— There is actually absolutely nothing even worse than chicken bust and also tenders that are overcooked. Since the bust does not have fat it dries out reasonably simple and also can rapidly transform your mouth right into the Sahara Desert.
  • Don’ t cook previous gold brownish— While frying needs a much deeper gold shade to develop prior to the within is prepared, the very same can not be stated regarding baked chicken. Gluten complimentary keto tenders will certainly overcook inside prior to the exterior is totally gold so maintain that in mind while cooking.
  • Avoid altering flours— While it can be alluring to attempt brand-new keto blends, the attempted and also real is typically almond flour. Even though we meddle pork peels once in a while, it’s not advised to just sub the almond flour willy- nilly for items like gluten complimentary keto cauliflower flour.

These are our ideal suggestions for producing yummy keto chicken tenders, however do not hesitate to experiment in order to develop the dish that functions ideal for you.

How to Make Keto Chicken Tenders

Ready to make some scrumptious keto chicken tenders for the entire family members? Get out your keto dish card and also allow’s reach food preparation!


For these keto pleasant chicken tenders you will certainly require 5 standard active ingredients. For the egg combination you will certainly require eggs and also high quality whipping cream.

As for the completely dry active ingredients you will certainly require almond flour (pork peels squashed if nut complimentary), salt, pepper, and also whatever flavors you appreciate. You can make your keto chicken tenders as standard, or as delicious as you desire. Some suggestions for additional flavors are garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, paprika, and also cayenne.

Finally you will certainly require chicken tenderloins. They market these pre stuffed in the fresh chicken area of your neighborhood supermarket. If for one reason or another they are out, you do have an additional choice. Slice chicken busts right into chicken tender sized items and also prepare similarly.

chicken tenders an egg and breading mixture

MakingKeto Chicken Tenders

To make your reduced carbohydrate chicken tenders pre-heat the stove to 350 and also blend with each other all your flavors.

mixing together ingredients for the breading mixture

Now mix with each other the egg and also whipping cream up until well incorporated.

Dip the chicken tenderloins (or sliced up chicken bust) initially right into the eggs and afterwards right into the completely dry active ingredients. Use one hand to dip right into the damp and also one right into the completely dry.

dipping chicken into the breading mixture and placing onto a baking sheet

Place the simple keto breaded chicken onto a flat pan and also repeat with the staying chicken.

keto chicken tenders being placed on a baking sheet

Once completed, cook your reduced carbohydrate chicken strips for 30 mins; or up until they get to 165 levels. Make certain to turn midway. If you desire them crispier merely broil for 2- 3 mins.

completed keto chicken tenders after being removed from the oven

TheBest Keto Dipping Sauces

This dish is a need to produce the entire family members. Not just is the nourishment info reveal quiting, however it additionally can prepare in under 30 mins and also be offered with whatever dipping sauce you such as.

Picking a top quality dipping sauce can be challenging on keto due to the fact that the majority of sauce firms are utilizing great deals of sugar and also poor quality veggie oils. That’s why we generally make our very own sauce and afterwards share the dish right here.

Some of our preferred keto sauces are:

  • LowCarb BARBEQUE Sauce– BARBEQUE sauce is a chicken tender standard with a tip of sweet taste and also a great deal of southerly twang.
  • RanchDressing– My Midwesterners around understand cattle ranch clothing is where it goes to! It’s light, luscious, and also loaded with fresh natural herbs.
  • Ketchup– Another family members pleasant dip that’s difficult to discover somebody that isn’t a follower. Sugar complimentary catsup additionally has a significant offering dimension prior to you begin gathering any type of genuine variety of carbohydrates.

These are just our leading 3 however there are lots extra keto pleasant sauces around to attempt. The essential point is that the nourishment info will certainly fit your keto diet plan, and also the active ingredients are something you can really feel great around.

MoreLow Carb Chicken Recipes

Now that you’re battering healthy and balanced chicken tenders and also sauce you are mosting likely to require even more chicken dishes to load your desires. Our preferred keto chicken dishes are:

  • KetoChicken Parmesan– This dish is for all the Italian food enthusiasts around. We made a keto pleasant breading and also surrounded it in cheese and also marinara sauce. The highlight resembles every one of our dishes it shops well in an impermeable container for keto dish preparation.
  • ChickenCrust Pizza– Pizza on a diet plan is most likely not what you were anticipating, however it certain is scrumptious. Enjoy a healthy and balanced reduced carbohydrate keto pizza with just 1 web carbohydrate an offering!
  • KetoFried Chicken– Fried chicken is just one of Americas preferred foods, so it is no question that you’ll be requiring a keto pleasant variation quite quickly.
  • KetoCashew Chicken– Cashew chicken gone keto is an excellent choice for individuals that count on takeout and also convenience food for the majority of their dishes. It advises you of the initial however takes under 30 mins to make and also consume!

Easy keto chicken dishes are our preferred due to the fact that we can appreciate something that tastes similar to the carbohydrate variation without needing to wreck our diet regimens. For a lot more simple keto chicken dishes take a look at the chicken area of our blog site.

oven baked keto chicken tenders after finishing in the oven
keto chicken tenders on a baking sheet

BakedKeto Chicken Tenders Recipe

If you have actually been searching for the best buffalo keto chicken tender dish for your keto diet plan, look no more!


  • Preheat stove to 350 levels.

  • Season chicken tenders with salt and also pepper. Season the almond flour kindly with salt and also pepper.

  • Beat 1 egg along with 1 tablespoon of whipping cream.

  • Dip each tender initially in the egg clean and afterwards right into the skilled almond flour. We like to put the tenders in a Tupperware container with the almond flour and also drink to layer. A Ziploc bag additionally functions well.

  • Place tenders on a gently oiled cooking sheet. Bake for 30 mins. If they are not as crunchy as you would certainly like you can furthermore broil them for 2- 3 mins.

  • Allow tenders to cool down for 5 mins prior to appreciating.

  • Store in the fridge for approximately 5 days.


BakedKeto Chicken Tenders Recipe

AmountPer Serving

Calories from Fat 117

% Daily Value *

Fat13 g20%

SaturatedFat 2g10%

TransFat 1g

PolyunsaturatedFat 1g

MonounsaturatedFat 1g

Cholesterol83 mg28%

Sodium100 mg 4%

Potassium293 mg 8%

Carbohydrates 4g 1%

Fiber2g 8%

Sugar 1g 1%

Protein21 g42%

Vitamin A104 IU 2%

Vitamin C 1mg 1%

Calcium49 mg 5%

Iron 1mg 6%

* Percent Daily Values are based upon a 2000 calorie diet plan.

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